Introduction from the Chair

Working alongside the headteacher and staff at Rowner Junior School, the governors are committed to ensuring all pupils are nurtured, having the opportunity to strive and achieve.  Governors help the headteacher and the staff set challenging targets across the curriculum, aspiring to excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.

Governors have a legal responsibility to:

  • Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is followed
  • Oversee the school budget
  • Ensure that the school building and grounds are maintained in good condition
  • Ensure that special educational needs are met.

Governors are appointed to the governing body to ensure that they provide strong links between the school, parents and the wider community.  There are four categories of governors appointed to the governing body, these are:

  • Community governors (sometimes called co-opted governors)
  • Local Authority (LA) governors
  • Parent governors
  • Staff governors.

Governors meet twice each term as a full governing body and have two main committees (resources and curriculum) that meet regularly.  Most governors have a special responsibility for a particular subject or area within the school and will attend occasional meetings for that subject as needed.

Name Category Appointed/Elected   by Term   of office Responsibilities Voting   rights
Gary Walker Local Authority Governing Body 13/09/2021 Co-Chair Full
Tracy Robinson Parent Parents 04/09/2021


Sarah Knoll Staff Staff 04/09/2021 SEND



Norma Butler Co-opted Governing Body 28/01/2019 PP and LAC Full
Kim Carron Co-opted Governing Body 28/01/2019 Full
Josephine Vinall Co-opted Governing Body 28/01/2019   Full
Darren Thurston Co-opted Governing Body 18/11/2019   Full
Theresa Deem Parent Governing Body 14/12/2020



Lynn Reynolds Co-opted Governing Body 05/09/2016 SEND and Safeguarding Full
Kerry Payne Headteacher In post In post



Kerry Sharpe

Associate Member


Governing Body 04/09/2021 PP  None
Shelley Rees Clerk Local Authority    




Governor Attendance Data

Name 2015-16 2016 -17 2017-18 (to date)
Marie Bennett 6/6 5/5 Retired N/A
Chris Brunt 2/2 2/2 Retired N/A
Norma Butler 3/6 3/5  
Kim Carron 6/6 4/5  
Theresa Deem N/A 3/3 2/2
Jane Erriker 4/4 Retired N/A
Jill Johnson 6/6 4/5 Retired N/A
Sarah Knoll  N/A N/A  
Sharon Nelson 3/4 Retired N/A
Kerry Payne 6/6 5/5 2/2
Lynn Reynolds N/A 4/4 2/2
Tracy Robinson 5/6 5/5  
Kerry Sharpe N/A N/A  
Darren Thurston 5/5 4/5  
Josie Vinall 5/6 5/5  

Gary Walker